▶ Ozone Chrono - Tips and Techniques

10. mars 2014
Ozone Chrono - Tips and Techniques

If you are new to foils and interested in the CHRONO, we highly recommend you check out this handy "Tips & Techniques" video. 14 minutes long and full of good information, play your own background music and get watching :)

This video demonstrates basic tips and techniques on how to use the Ozone Chrono closed cell foil kite. This is high performance equipment and must be treated in a careful manner at all times.

This video is not an instructional or full manual. You must receive qualified instruction before using this product. Refer to the printed manual included with the kite for all safety warnings.

Always dry your gear before packing away. Use a PFD, be aware of weather conditions and never ride further than you are capable of swimming. Ride safe and have fun!

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