1. februar 2013
The Digit was developed with simplicity in mind and features multiple angle options and lateral support. It is a proven design that is easy to use and comfortable for any size foot.
• Wide range size adjustment = Dual Velcro adjusters easily conform to any foot size and keep the upper-strap padding centered on the foot.
• Injected plate with multiple angle options = Allows multiple angle options and foot positioning on center or closer to the rail.
• Angled adjuster side wings = Molded side wings set the correct angle on the top of the foot. Keeps the strap positioned and provides lateral foot support.
• Sidewall footbed cushioning = Integrated EVA cushions protect the foot from hard surfaces.
• Soft ergonomic top-foot interface = Pre-shaped, thermo-molded, triple density EVA and neoprene interface for comfort.
• High-grip, triple density footbed = Keeps foot from slipping out or sliding deeper into the strap. Soft in the heel/center section for shock absorption and firm on the edge for centering the foot.

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