Naish TV S03E07 - Never Stop Playing

24. oktober 2013
Embrace your inner child with Rick Jensen as he makes his dreams come true by mobilizing & constructing Germany’s first ever “Never Never Land” obstacle island near Rostock for the imaginative Pangea Festival. Strap in and get ready for this one-of-a-kind experience as Rick breaks the mold and immerses you in a world where you do what you love, you do what you feel, and you do what you live for, Rick’s way. Did we mention there’s a ton of extreme kiteboarding involved too? Just be sure to hang on…and never stop playing.

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Director: Rick Jensen
Riders: Rick Jensen, Daniel Weiß, Hans Jensen, Andy Weyman
Equipment: Naish Kites: Torch, Park, Draft, Fly. Naish Boards: Antic, Arcade, Monarch, dub. Naish Inflatable SUP’s: Naish ONE 12’6”, Nalu Air 10’0”
“Midnight” by Bar9:
“Raised On” by Static & Nat III:,,3839833-9833395,00.html
“Don’t Wanna Work” by Drapht:
“Hört Ihr Die Signale” by Deichkind:
“23 Dohlen” by Deichkind:
“Watergate” by Superflu:

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