Ozone Access 2014

18. september 2013
The Access is Ozones entry level kite that has been designed to make the learning process of Snowkiting as safe and easy as possible. The design goal of this kite is to allow total new comers to enjoy this sport on their very first session. We have made this possible by creating an incredibly stable kite which has a constant pull and a large wind range. If you are new to the sport or if you are an occasional snowkiter then the Access is the kite that you need to learn the basics of Snowkiting and progress to find out what this incredible sport can offer.
The Access has a full Flag-out safety system which allows a beginner to land the kite easily in case of an uncontrolled situation. We still recommend that you land the kite using the webbing brake handle to cleanly stall the kite if conditions permit i.e. when taking a break or finished for the day. This has helped to make the Access a great teaching tool and has become the kite of choice for top snowkite schools across the globe.
The 2014 Access has been redesigned from the ground up, it has a newly developed profile, progressive arc and optimised planform. The latest design of this already classic kite has more stability even at low angles of attack due to a specifically created profile. The progressive arc means that the kite is rock solid in the air but still has a quick turning speed and responsive bar feeling. The low aspect planform ensures that this kite will work in the gustiest of conditions but still delivers constant power and progressive pull.
Even though the Access was originally developed for teaching and entry level riders it has become a firm favorite for experienced riders who require ultra stability in turbulent high mountain conditions. Most of our International team riders keep a 4m or a 6m in their quiver and would not be caught without it for those trips to the mountains. The Access has been a favorite for expeditions where it is essential to have safe and easy to use kites in extreme conditions.
• The all-new Access retains its great feeling through the bar with improved handling which is vital for beginners.
• Redesigned profile to increase stability and low end power to provide more pull in lighter winds.
• New planform with an increased arc to improve handling and the turning speed.
• New bridle line configuration, less lines reduces the parasitic drag to increase light wind performance.
• Stall handle to land the kite or relaunch the kite with ease.
• 100% Flag-out safety system for emergency stop.
• The Access is constructed from market leading materials.
• Double pulley speed-system, utilising the latest high spec Ronstan Orbit pulleys.
• Unique blow-out-valves on the under surface help avoid damaging the kite if crashed.
SIZES 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

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